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February 2019

By the end of 2018, ChemPartners became the leader, importing fats as a feed additive for cattle taken more than 31% of total amount. Such a result was... (read more)

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ProPartners (short for Professional Partners) is private international Managing Company. Since the establishment in 2001 the Company is supported by Indian, Russian and Chinese capital.

We specialize in chemistry or in relevant industries like steel, materials for construction, textiles and some other businesses which we find to have good potential.

ProPartners manage group of companies in different countries which specialize in:

    • Trading
    • Production and contract manufacturing
    • Services (e.g. logistics)
    • Direct investments.

Diversification of businesses gives ProPartners a unique chance of information and experience exchange within its companies, helps to efficiently raise and motivate its managers and minimizes country and market risks making our business sustainable and predictable.

Key success factor of ProPartners group is geographical expansion of its business units and international team. The Company has among all distinguished expertise in some areas in Africa and Asia which are considered traditionally difficult to run business.

Currently ProPartners employ some 520 people in 4 countries. The Company total turnover in 2016 was over 200M usd which comes from our trading, service and production businesses. Our worldwide operations are supported by 6 offices and also agents and representatives in over 10 countries. Besides commercial projects we develop and sponsor social programs particularly in environment care, sustainable growth and separated waste collection