MetaPro is scientific and marketing Company which produces and distribute high-efficient additives for construction materials.
MetaPro targets rapidly growing (aprx 30% p.a.) market of dry mixes and concretes in Russia and CIS countries caused by construction boom.

ChemPartners trading activity on the market gives true and actual information on market trends and gaps. MetaPro had already launched its own production of metakaoline to replace import on Russia market and keeps studying the market to evaluate opportunities to produce other adnvanced materials.

The Company has everything it needs to fulfill its role:

  1. a team of professional engineers with relevant experience in R&D and marketing of construction chemicals;
  2. understanding of market situation in terms of products, competition and production costs for different chemicals in different countries;
  3. project management and financial support of ProPartners group;
  4. existing production facilities of the Company for R&D, pilot launches and further production.

In 2008-2009 MetaPro will:

  1. further expand production of metakaoline;
  2. expand its market niche for key additives like superplastifiers and celluloses;
  3. keep on feasibility studies on other import replacing productions in CIS countries.
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