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February 2019

By the end of 2018, ChemPartners became the leader, importing fats as a feed additive for cattle taken more than 31% of total amount. Such a result was... (read more)

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ProPartners structure aligns interests of our leaders and shareholders who nowadays also keep top positions with the Company. All our top-managers were raised through extensive international on-job training and had developed and formed our Senior Managers Team which is ruling the Company itself with head quarter in Moscow, Russia.

Nowadays ProPartners manage diversified trading, production and service units in different sites including:

  • ChemPartners – World Top100 chemicals distributor with main offices in Moscow, Beijing, Wien and Delhi and major activities in Russia
  • EcoTechnologies – nation-wide integrated operator focused in waste management, recycling and sustainability services with over 400 employees, includes following divisions:
    • Tver Polymers Recycling Plant (TPRP) – Russia largest light-packaging recycling facility with annual throughput over 30.000mt of PET, PE and PP plastic scrap
    • EcoMechanics – engineering & manufacturing of advanced technological solution for waste management (sorting facilities, presses, containers and bins for waste etc)
    • Russian Plastics Recyclers Association – turn-key projects for Extended Producer Responsibility, Zero Waste and educational programs with focus on Sustainable Growth
  • TransChlor – logistic service – international forwarding of liquid and hazardous chemicals utilizing its own transport infrastructure
  • RzhevMash – 14 hectares industrial Technopark devoted to new quality of machine building in Russia
  • GeoChem – offers engineering services and supply of materials for infrastructure projects (construction of highways, airports, bridges etc.)

Each business unit has its own strategy and business leaders. As a managing Company the ProPartners utilize throughout experience gained in each unit, optimize overall costs in a way of centralized corporate functions management and develop our leaders by means of promotion and rotating with different units and locations.

Partnership culture within ProPartners secures long-term motivation for its top-managers and challenges them to think strategically and act efficiently. In each specialized unit or company we first put a role of bright business Leader who is able to make things happen and then design a team of true professionals in the relevant area.