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February 2019

By the end of 2018, ChemPartners became the leader, importing fats as a feed additive for cattle taken more than 31% of total amount. Such a result was... (read more)

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February 2019 By the end of 2018, ChemPartners became the leader, importing fats as a feed additive for cattle taken more than 31% of total amount. Such a result was achieved by a team of professionals who tenderly perceive the situation on the market. In 2018, the market experienced an intermittent decline in value, while the volume of imports remained torn for most players. ChemPartners throughout the year determined the policy on the market, being the largest distributor of fat (triglyceride), importing 3 times more than the nearest participant.

At the last XXV International Specialized Trade and Industrial Exhibition MVC: Grain-Mixed Feed-Veterinary, in which ChemPartners were organized together with a partner, a slogan was offered that many participants remembered:

"In Russia, every fourth cow consuming fractional fat is fed with Ultrafat 100!"

The plans for 2019 are to retain the leading position and increase volumes in this area, in order to provide the highest quality product and service to an even greater number of consumers.

January 2019 On November 29, Career Day was once again held at the Russian Foreign Trade Academy., Managing Director of ChemPartners Constantin Rzaev spoke to the students with a presentation of the Group of Companies, and also spoke about the specifics of the business and employees who had already graduated from RFTA and successfully working at ChemPartners. More than 100 people became interested in internships within the company, the students specified the details of employment, the stages of interviews, what needs to be done to remain in the main staff at the end of the practice period. The conversation lasted more than an hour, the audience admired cool corporate life of ChemPartners. At the end of the day, 30 current questionnaires were collected from the students who are willing to have an internship at ChemPartners right now.

ChemPartners have a lot of experience in cultivating staff, providing great opportunities for opening person’s potential. Young professionals are welcomed!

November 2018 Dear partners! It’s not a secret, that ChemPartners has been the exclusive representative on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS for the largest producer of polymer films Jindal Poly Films for more than 8 years. We want to share with you the joyful news that from this year our company is ready to offer you a film for label packaging of the European manufacturer Jindal Films (EXXON MOBILE).

You can find the description of the film in the catalog by requesting it from your manager.We will be glad to receive orders from you!

October 2018 From October 23 to 25, the 15th International exhibition of equipment and technologies for waste management, recycling and wastewater treatmentwas held in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center.

The ProPartners Group division - EcoTechnologies Group of Companies - took part in this event, having its own booth as convenient platform for meetings and negotiations. Most visitors took advantage of a unique opportunity to ask questions to the top management of EcoTechnology Group of Companies and RzhevMash company, as well as to leading experts of the Tver Factory of Secondary Polymers.

In addition, visitors got acquainted with real machinery product: a container for separate collection of waste produced by RzhevMash. thanks to which thousands of Russian citizens were already able to share the waste. The organizers and participants of the exhibition marked the EcoTechnologies’creative way of thinking.

October 2018 Chempartner Training center opens doors! On October 11 and 12, the first external event was held – sales training for our Partners.

We have invited managers, commercial directors and heads of sales of companies, with whom we cooperate in the supply of chemical raw materials to share with them our own experience and standards in the field of training of merchants for the subsequent growth of sales. A great team of 25 people representing more than 10 industries came together. We have prepared materials on key topics of growth and intensification of sales. This event was useful for our Partners not only to get new insights and practical tools, but also for high-quality networking among themselves.

At the end of the productive days of training, we invited all our colleagues to our cozy office for afterparty with stylish snacks, pleasant music and relaxation with views of the Moscow evening center.Chemical partners were the first in the industry to hold such an event for partners. Success and positive feedback allow us to talk about the continuation of this practice of training. See you soon at our Training center!

September 2018 ChemPartners are 17 years old! In early September, this wonderful event brought together a large team of professionals, arranging a sports quest to once again prove that ChemPartners are the best in everything they undertake.

Birthday is always a special day, and when it is the birth of a whole company, this day becomes even more important, because so many people are involved in the formation of success and pushes forward such a complex organism, moving synchronously and harmoniously. Over the years, ChemPartners have learned a lot, discovered a lot for themselves and for their partners, and this thirst for knowledge will never subside, allowing us to improve and become better.

We want to thank all the partners, friends, colleagues, with whom ChemPartners became itself in full 17 years. Everyone has contributed in his own way, we say «Thank you» to everyone. There are still a lot of interesting tasks, complex cases, unreal projects, and most importantly, new people with whom we want to work, knowing that we can help. The party gathered more than 130 people, and it is not all the staff and guests with whom we would like to share this joyful event. Divided into teams, all took part in an exciting sports quest based on the game Fort Boyard, showing strength, ingenuity and agility, remaining one team.

August 2018 Dear partners, we are pleased to announce the opening of applications for training from the ChemРartners company "Sales. Reboot", which will take place on 11-12 October 2018 in Moscow.

In an always changing business environment, it is difficult to predict what is worth preparing for, but it is absolutely possible to remain successful if you are working with trained and competent staff. We want to share with our partners the sales tools that we have been discovering for several years and that help us grow up today. In a friendly atmosphere with representatives of more than 10 segments of the chemical industry, participants will be able to update the algorithm of b2b sales, learn a few psychological techniques in interaction with the client and remind each other how often we miss the basic methods that affect the success of sales.

The instructor is the business coach and psychologist Maria Lukyanova has more than 11 years of experience in the field of training and staff development. Participation in the 2-day event is free by prior appointment. Please send applications to your managers.

June 2018 This week, ChemPartners successfully participated in the 15th international exhibition "OIL and GAS" / MIOGE 2018, which was held from 18 to 21 June at the Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow.

The international exhibition MIOGE-2018 is the largest exhibition for the oil and gas industry. Participants of the exhibition are domestic and foreign oil and gas producing and service providing companies, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of oil and gas equipment and technologies. ChemPartners team held more than 80 meetings at its booth with the presentation of the chemical reagents. One of the key focuses remains the provision of a range of services for the supply and control of the continuity of the supply chain of quality raw materials.

At the same time with the MIOGE exhibition, the Russian oil and gas Congress /RPGC was traditionally held, which annually gathers more than 1,000 delegates and 120 speakers from 40 countries. This year, more than 55 events were held within the framework of the technical program of the exhibition and the Russian oil and gas Congress RPGC 2018.A major advantage of the OIL and GAS exhibition / MIOGE, according to industry experts, is an extensive Technical program for specialists, which this year was held in the conference rooms, built directly on the exhibition site.

March 2018 ChemPartners Company took part in the third annual conference "KREON: Reagents for gold mining in 2018". The conference was held on March 1, 2018 at the hotel Baltschug Kempinski. The event was attended by the head of the direction "Reagents for the mining industry" Pavel Kashcheev.

During the conference, the problems and prospects of the gold mining industry in Russia were announced and discussed. In presented reports and discussions the main trends of the industry were touched upon, innovative products and methods were presented. The topics of safe substitutes for sodium cyanide and localization of production of reagents for gold mining enterprises were extremely relevant.

ChemPartners expresses gratitude to the managers and participants of the conference. We were glad to meet our old partners and make new mutually promising acquaintances.

February 2018 In the beginning of the February 2018, Moscow hosted one of the largest international exhibitions in Russia in the segment of production and processing of animal products. ChemPartners took part in the exhibition together with the Italian partner "FARMER".

At the exhibition, for the first time FARMER and ChemPartners presented to the Russian market premixes for dairy cattle, granulated with innovative Steecker technology.

Premix Sticker AnionDry is designed especially for dry cows, taking into account the peculiarities of feeding during this period.The Steeker B Milk premix is intended for feeding cows during lactation, and numerous tests on farms confirm the effectiveness of this product on highly productive animals.

To learn more about Steecker technology, request samples of Aniondry and B Milk premixes, and to clarify the price, you can send an inquiry by e-mail.

May 2017 Tver Polymers Recycling Plant launches second extrusion line for HDPE recycling – less than a year after first HDPE line was started in Tver in summer 2016.
With this new expansion our HDPE packaging scrap recycling reaches 4.000mt on annual basis making TPRP one of Russia largest in the field. Total plastics recycling capacity in Tver now is over 25.000mt of PET, PE and PP p.a.

January 2017 Results of our 2016 business year in brief are as follows.

ChemPartners growth in chemical distribution was on slower pace which somehow was planned. Russian ruble revaluation in Russia and even more conservative policy for customers crediting resulted in almost same revenue in USD as in 2015.

At same time we saw very significant developments in our sales to such markets as animal feed, mining, oilfields and packaging. Overall customers base was increased for over 10% and average profitability was also improved. During 2016 ChemPartners had succeed to essentially decrease our average working capital interest rate due to bank sphere stabilization which allow us to optimistically look into 2017.

Unlike ChemPartners, all our environmental business packed in EcoTechnologies group had enjoyed significant growth in revenue and interest from the industry. New environmental legislation had brought Extended Producer Responsibility where EcoTechnologies is already industry leader capable to provide all the necessary services.

December 2016 EcoTechnologies sign the contract for EPR services with world largest dairy products producer with 17 manufacturing plants in Russia.

October 2016 ProPartners celebrate 15 YEARS of business in Russia. During this period we had grown from start-up into international holding with leading positions in numerous market segments, with 6 locations in 4 countries, two manufacturing plants and over 450 employees.

Today we Thank all our dear employees and honest partners – customers, suppliers, advisers and financers – who trust us and made our success possible

August 2016 EcoTechnologies signs contract with The Coca Cola Hellenic for collection and recycling of plastic packaging waste.

This would be first essential contract in Russia under new ecological legislation which allows producers to autonomously fulfill their Extended Responsibility. The project is aligned with educational program and focuses on segregated waste collection which is so far on early stage in Russia.

July 2016 More recycling – first HDPE recycling line is commissioned and lauched at TPRP. Polyolefines recycling market is on early stage in Russia and demand for recycled polymers is clearly above supply. Essential growth of collection & sorting of scrap now starts to provide ground to establish efficient recycling business and EcoTechnologies obviously should take opportunity being already country leader in PET recycling.

Expansion into HDPE recycling will also help in great way to improve the Plant P&L and to reinforce our relations with scrap supplies.

June 2016 New Siberian warehouse network presented by ChemPartners during MIOGE-2016.

Establishment of 4 additional warehouses in western Siberian region will strategically strengthen our position as one of most diversified service provider of chemicals for gas & oil. The program is set to deliver some 10+ key products to oilfields located in most important region in Russia oil production within 1-2 days from request.

ChemPartners have been developing oilfield chemicals distribution and supply services to the area since 2007 and now serve majority of both service and production Russian and international companies in drilling, fracking, oilfield and refining sectors.

March 2016 Tver Polymers Recycling Plant had doubled capacities of PET bottles recycling - total plastic scrap throughput now is up to 1.800Mt per month or over 20.000Mt p.a. which makes TPRP Russia largest PET recycler.

February 2016

ProPartners considers 2015Y results "as good as it could be" taking into account numerous macro economical changes and challenge through the Year.

Despite overall lower chemicals pricing the Group had almost reached $9M of EBIT. Distinguished results are thanks to our strong market position, long-term relations with customers and wide diversification industry-wise. It was also underpinned by growing sales into segments which benefited from Russian ruble devaluation and import sanctions launched in H2-2015 such as agriculture and petrochemicals.

Long-awaited new Federal law in waste management in Russia had also propelled interest to recycling and waste sorting which resulted in even faster growth in EcoTechnologies businesses.

January 2016

We would like to express our gratitude and deepest esteem to our clients and new visitors of ChemPartners booths during the period of "Interplastica 2016" and "MVC: Cereals - Mixed Feed - Veterenary 2016" exhibitions in January this year...

During all these days ChemPartners not only meet up with their constant business-partners, but as well have been made many contacts with new potential customers. We believe that all of them will be satisfied with the quality, prices and service offered by us.

November 2015

Due to continuing growth in operations and attractive prospective thanks to better legal environment ProPartners reinforce its waste management activities. The new EcoTechnologies site unites and describes both existing businesses and new areas such as segregated waste collection, Zero Waste services etc.

October 2015

The Tver Polymers Recycling Plant (TPRP) acquires additional production line for HDPE and LDPE regranulates. The new line launch is set for April-2016 and it will allow to reach 20.000MT of overall post consumer plastics throughput by H2-2016.

Another 3000 sq.m. building next to existing production site in Tver was purchased to host this production expansion.

TPRP is currently Russia largest PET-bottles recycler in terms of scrap throughput.

May 2015

As planned EcoMechanics had moved into new premises in Rzhev Machine Building Plant. This will significantly improve the Company capabilities both for engineering and marketing of transportation, waste sorting and other equipment and will secure further healthy growth within positively changing ecological legislation and increasing interest to waste management market in Russia.

January 2015

In spite of challenging political and then economical situation in Russia which is ChemPartners largest market the group had shown distinguished dynamic again thanks to its diversification and other strengths. Some facts are as follows:

    • Overall group turnover is up to usd 282M
    • More than ever sales had happened within Russia both in distribution of local products and in tall manufacturing / processing through our numerous industrial clients
    • Record high 12 banks have been maintaining our turnovers through the year in 4 countries
    • Most essential growth (excluding those linked to ruble devaluation) is with EcoTechnologies who succeeded to both increase output of recycled PET products and to hike significantly sales prices

ProPartners staff as of 2014 end is over 330 people in 4 countries. Total fixed assets (industrial lands and equipment, offices, mfg facilities, ISO tanks, trucks) account to more than usd 30M.

October 2014

EcoMechanics commission first large scale MRF (Material Recovery Facility or Waste sorting station) in Voronezh area which is fully made by us � including lite workshop steel elements see photo and video

September 2014

ChemPartners Russia rapidly develop its activities in agro commodities: both in local supplies and in export. The move is due to new opportunity in the market thanks to ruble devaluation and sanctions against European food stuff which propelled demand for local meat, dairy and other products.

August 2014

EcoMechanics will move to new premises in Rzhev. The decision approved by Directors Board is result of fast company growth particularly in municipal waste management segment and in conveying equipment in general.Rzhev Machine Building Plant was recent ProPartners investment by mid of 2013 and already hosts more than 25.000 sq.m. of industrial facilities on some 14+ hectares.

March 2014

TechFab India is new strategic partner for ChemPartners in CIS and Europe. Two corporations will unite their powers and experience to take leading positions in growing geo materials market.

TechFab is one of world largest manufacturers of whole range of geosynthetic materials. ChemPartners recycle PET and other polymers in Russia which are popular feedstock for geomaterials and are in this market since 2003.

February 2014

ChemPartners for first time in company�s history participate as exhibitor in USA in Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conferencein Woodlands, TX. The action is within our program of deeper cooperation within Russia and USA for oil & gas exploration chemicals and technologies.

January 2014

Some annual results of ProPartners Group for 2013Y are as follows:

    • turnover of ChemPartners as main revenue generator had grown at some 26% up to USD224M
    • Highest growth rate thanks to low start was at EcoMechanics which increased sales more than at 200%
    • Chinese office succeeded in geographical expansion with new customers in Romania, USA, Ukraine and Kazakhstan
    • Overall group sales were well over USD270M
    • Besides further diversification and growth in chemicals ProPartners successfully started steel products trading from Asia and Turkey into Russia.

ProPartners staff in 2013 exceeded 270 people in 4 countries. Total fixed assets (industrial lands and equipment, ISO tanks and trucks) are evaluated at some USD28M.

October 2013

New CEO of EcoTechnologies � Mr. German Popov with 8+ years experience in non woven and polymers recovery industries will lead Tver recycling factory to further success.

EcoTechnologies is currently Russia leader in post-consumer PET bottles recycling and actively develops HDPE and LDPE recycling as well.

September 2013

ProPartners Austria starts integrated supplies of TV-kits from China to Russia major TV sets manufacturer.

January 2013

ProPartners Group announces key results for 2012 which are again encouraging. Overall sales are at ~ USD182M. Main growth came from ChemPartners operations in Russia (~44% Y-to-Y), sales of filtration equipment by Delhi office (~51%) and independent exports by ChemPartners China (~246%).

Geographically wise we can outline significant trade hike with USA and Middle East while imports from Korea slightly dropped.

Chemicals distribution in Russia remains ProPartners main revenue generator although active development of other trade flows and business units.

Total headcounts as per 2012Y end is ~240 people with main growth in Moscow head quarter.

September 2012

ChemPartners Russia launch specialized warehouse in key oil & gas exploration region of Russia - Surgut. The aim is to secure sustainable supplies of key drilling reagents to Russia oil & gas majors and service companies operating in the area. ChemPartners have been importing and distributing increasing number of oil fields chemicals for Russia no.1 industry since 2007 and currently keep up to 30% of market for some of products.

July 2012

Sai ChemPartners India will supply filtration equipment to India no.2 vodka manufacturer. The installation will be 12th for last 2 years after entering India market with Russia know-how which helps to dramatically improve tastes and purity of alcohol beverages.

June 2012

Due to operations growth India office had moved to larger and more comfortable office in same Dwarka area of New Delhi. ProPartners India operations include sourcing of chemicals for other ProPartners overseas units, promotion of advanced Russian alcohol filtration equipment and some sales of chemicals for India market.

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