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February 2019

By the end of 2018, ChemPartners became the leader, importing fats as a feed additive for cattle taken more than 31% of total amount. Such a result was... (read more)

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ProPartners were found in 2001 by a group of entrepreneurs with essential experience in project management, international trading and consultancy. Since establishing the Company was a trading organization headquartered in Moscow and involved into international chemicals supplies, commodities in particular.

In 2004 ProPartners had gained enough market knowledge and financial background to start diversification into production. To successfully manage existing and new potential projects ProPartners had launched its in-house investment boutique in 2005. Same year first overseas office was opened in Beijing for superior control of sourcing ex China.

Being motivated to reach best level of services for its clients ProPartners had diversified into solution providing (i.e. logistics) in 2006. Further trading and investment expansion had led to more overseas offices in Delhi opened in 2007 and in Wien opened in 2010.

We had grown through honest and proactive cooperation with individuals and companies around the world and will always stay open to new deals, joint ventures and projects.

ProPartners achieve results through different ways like:

    • International trading activities giving perfect market knowledge
    • Acquisition of small teams with market know-how, innovative ideas or promising management potential
    • Consolidation of different existing values and making it work as one efficient chain
    • Vertical integration from trading into services and production and vise-versa.